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Why Singapore Is A Must!

Singapore is tied with Iceland for my favorite countries so far! I always dreamed of going to Singapore since I was a teenager and I finally made it happen not too long ago! I completely fell in love with the country. The food, the architecture, the people, everything. I know I say this a lot……

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Portland In Two Days

I recently took a spontaneous trip out to Portland because well, I just thought “why not?” I had never been and it is just a short two hour plane ride from Vegas. I also used my credit card points and didn’t pay a single dollar for the flights! (will be writing a post soon about…

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Do you want to see elephants in Thailand? Of course you do! BUT whatever you do… do not ride them or see them perform tricks and stuff. I’ll be honest, I’d rather not see elephants in any such captivity but the reality is that a lot of places still force elephants to carry tourists and…

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