Month: January 2020

Exploring Myanmar

I decided to travel to Myanmar while I was living in Thailand. It’s only a few hour flight from Chiang Mai, so I made it a weekend trip. Surprisingly, many people haven’t heard of Myanmar and many people who have, wouldn’t think of even going there. Formally known as Burma, Myanmar is a beautiful country…

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My Journey To 35 Before 35

I’m writing this exactly 4 years later since my real travel journey began. For my 30th birthday, I bought myself a plane ticket to Ireland… that was my first solo trip and since then, I haven’t stopped. I set this goal of mine to travel to 35 countries before I turn 35. 4 years later…

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10 Places To Go Solo in 2020!

My last post about destinations for solo travelers was over 2 years ago! Although, those places in my first list are still great places to travel solo… I’ve been to a lot more countries since then and want to give an updated version for 2020! Solo travel has become more of the norm these past…

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