Month: May 2018

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Do you want to see elephants in Thailand? Of course you do! BUT whatever you do… do not ride them or see them perform tricks and stuff. I’ll be honest, I’d rather not see elephants in any such captivity but the reality is that a lot of places still force elephants to carry tourists and…

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Cruising Ha Long Bay

Ah, another UNESCO World Heritage Site that I’ve been chasing. Finally got to see this one for myself after a long time of daydreaming from pictures on Instagram. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews of Ha Long Bay. Some people say it’s a must and others say it’s a waste of time. I tend…

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Learn to Cook Thai Food!

Right before I moved to Thailand… taking a Thai cooking class was on the top of my list. 7 months later… I finally took one. HA. And I’d have to say that I would definitely do it again! There are tons of cooking schools and classes that are offered all around Chiang Mai… so, this…

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